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Blockchain Platform for Mass Adoption Interoperability Trustworthiness

DRK Chain is fast, secured, multipurpose with all decentralized applications can be built on. DRK Chain has Mainneted. Just try!



DRK Chain upgrades the Proof-of-Stake (PoS) consensus of ETH 2.0 into Proof-of-Honor (PoH), which uses HodgeRank to rank nodes based on the amount of Stakes and amount of Transactions to encourage DApp developers to serve general users and generate as many transactions as possible.

Never think twice about delays and expensive costs.


PoH can serve up to 5000 TPS with block time of only 2s. In reality however, each transaction can be processed in only a few hundred milliseconds.


PoH also adopts an advanced incentive system to eliminate all cheating & slacking miners to preserve the longevity of the blockchain network.

Cheap Gas & Anti-spam

PoH adopts a smart free-gas policy called “GasStation”, which is more advanced than Tron’s, to make blockchain transactions cheaper while evenly anti-spam and incentivizing to miners.


DaRK Privacy Protocol

A privacy protocol on DRK called DaRK was invented as the first in the world to have scripting tools to support smart contracts and provide “privacy on demand” (instead of “privacy by default”), bringing blockchain closer to mass adoption. It combines the best of Aztec protocol, CryptoNote, BulletProof and more.


Access control firewalls
applications against malice


Each block sealed is irreversible
- no past deed can be undone


Smart contracts are optimized
for gas usage and anti-spam


Interchangeable Smart Contracts
on other decentralized protocol


DRK Chain Ecosystem

DRK is considered as a technology and platform provider to build an application ecosystem connecting blockchain and human needs.

1. Draken.Exchange

The platform includes decentralized exchange, swap, farm, lending and insurance.

2. BSocial.pro

A decentralized social network that integrates cryptocurrency into the P2P economic model.

3. Binemon NFT Game

A virtual pet NFT game with many customization options on the player's interaction with the NFT pet, such as crossbreeding, raising and fighting.



Enter and exit the DaRK mode whenever users have no demand for privacy.


Miners have economic incenives to power the entire Blockchain network.


Fast finality matches the scalable throughput requirements for the expansion.


Encourage prominent participants to ensure the entire network decentralized.


On-chain Governance
powered by DRK Token holder.

A powerful on-chain voted mechanism for DRK token holders. Draken introduces the capability for DRK holders to determine critical parameters and consensus nodes that maintain the liveliness of the DRK Chain.


Partnered with
Innovative Platform Globally

DRK Chain is designed to pioneer the DaRK architecture, the leading scalability solution for Blockchain Layer 2. The DRK network is a stakeholder and infinitely scalable blockchain for DeFi.

1000+ Generated Wallets
DRK Chain owns a powerful technology to drive an ecosystem for Decentralized Finance and Decentralized Applications. It consists of a Proof-of-Honor Consensus mechanism and DaRK Protocol to maintain the privacy of users.
Yahoo! Finance
The demand of Web 3.0 wildly drives the world, and DRK Chain grasps this opportunity with the DeFi backbone of their Blockchain network. The futuristic foundation of DRK Chain might play a vital role in transforming local fiat currency boundaries into borderless digital assets.
While time moves on and makes tremendous progress in every aspect of people’s lives, the Blockchain rage is sweeping the whole world with its innovation. DRK Chain could be one of those pioneers in the category of Decentralized Society.

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